Top 6 WP Engine Alternatives for Divi

By: Editorial Staff
May 20, 2023

Are you looking for a reliable hosting, other than WP Engine, to run your Divi-powered WordPress site? We have crafted the list of the best WP Engine alternatives you can consider.

Divi itself is a WordPress theme that requires higher hosting specs than other themes out there. The file size of the theme alone is 15MB. That’s because Divi comes with a built-in page builder — Divi Builder — which takes the majority of the entire Divi theme file size. Divi Builder has the size of about 13MB.

In addition to its high file size, Divi also requires your hosting service to have at least 128MB memory limit, while WP Engine only offers the default memory limit of 40MB.

Here are our top 6 recommendations of WP Engine alternatives to host your Divi-powered WordPress websites.

1. Kinsta

If you want to build a fast-loading website, Kinsta is a hosting you can consider. It has a great reputation on this matter thanks to its built-in CDN — which is powered by Cloudflare, a CDN service that has over 100 data centers around the globe. In addition, Kinsta also comes with a built-in cache and Early Hints — two features aimed at speeding up load speed of websites. Kinsta itself is a cloud hosting service that uses Google Cloud for its main hosting infrastructure.

Can you install Divi on Kinsta?

Of course. The specifications of Kinsta are more than enough to run Divi. First, it has a default maximum file size of 128MB. Meaning that you can install Divi right from the WordPress dashboard. Second, Kinsta has the default PHP memory limit of 256MB — which higher than the one demanded by Divi.

If you are an agency, Kinsta is also one of the best WordPress hosting for agencies we can recommend. It offers several plans dedicated to agencies. Also, it offers directory listing feature you can make use of to gain more exposure.

2. is another great option if you want to have a website that has a great performance (fast to load). Same as Kinsta above, also comes with a built-in CDN and caching features powered by Cloudflare. Its intuitive custom-built control panel allows you to control the features. is also great to run a Divi-powered WordPress website as the specs are way higher than the ones Divi demands. Especially PHP memory limit whereby has the default PHP memory limit of 1GB.

You can use to create any type of website with Divi. From e-commerce website, blog, membership website, to a more static website like a portfolio website. If you plan to build an e-commerce website with WooCommerce, has dedicated hosting plans for WooCommerce.

3. Cloudways

Want to have a Divi-powered WordPress site without installing Divi yourself? You can try Divi Hosting.

Divi Hosting is a partnership program between Elegant Themes — the Divi developer — and several prominent WordPress hosting services. The program offers managed WordPress hosting services bundled with Divi. When you subscribe to a certain Divi Hosting plan, you will get a WordPress hosting pre-installed with Divi. Thus, you don’t need to install Divi yourself. Cloudways is one of the Elegant Themes’ partners on this program. You can see the plans of Divi Hosting offered by Cloudways on this page.

Cloudways itself is a cloud hosting service owned by DigitalOcean. When subscribing to a Divi Hosting plan, you have two options of cloud services to choose from: DigitalOcean and Vultr.

Unfortunately, Cloudways doesn’t offer CDN as the built-in feature like the Kinsta and above. CDN feature is available, though. However, it’s available as an add-on instead of a built-in feature.

4. Pressable

Looking to create a WooCommerce website with Divi? Pressable might be the best option. WooCommerce and Pressable are both the products of Automattic. So, the people behind Pressable might have better knowledge over WooCommerce to deliver a WooCommerce-optimized hosting.

Regardless of the type of website you plan to build, Pressable is another option we recommend if you plan to create a Divi-powered WordPress. It also has great specifications to run Divi. Before you subscribe to a hosting plan offered by Pressable, you can try the experience of managing your websites on Pressable as it allows you to try its control panel for free. You can play around with the panel to figure out the offered features.

Pressable is also an Elegant Themes partner in the Divi Hosting program.

5. Pressidium

Pressidium is a premium WordPress hosting service that has four main data centers in North America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania. In addition, it also has 73 strategic edge locations. Unlike other hosting services mentioned earlier above, Pressidium build its own hosting infrastructure from the ground. Currently, its CDN service is powered by StackPath, but it is building its own CDN infrastructure.

To run Divi, Pressidium is more than capable. Its hosting specifications are higher than the minimum requirements demanded by Divi. Pressidium comes with an intuitive custom-built control panel which you can use to control the features.

6. SiteGround

SiteGround is another great option other than Cloudways and Pressable if you want to have a Divi-powered WordPress without installing Divi yourself. SiteGround is also an Elegant Themes partner in the Divi Hosting program so that you can subscribe to a hosting plan pre-installed with Divi. However, you need to buy Divi first before subscribing to a SiteGround plan in order to get the auto installation feature.

The hosting infrastructure of SiteGround itself is powered by Google Cloud, while the CDN feature is powered by Cloudflare. A little note. The CDN feature is not enabled by default in SiteGroud. You need to manually enable it yourself via the control panel. SiteGround users has free Cloudflare CDN of 10 GB.